The Admissions Experience at Wade College

Nearly half of high school students applying to college find the admissions process to be stress inducing.

college just aheadHere at Wade College, our goal is to make every student feel at home, and that starts with admissions! Our team is made up of Wade College graduates (including our entire admissions team) which allows us to better relate to our students. We have been through this process ourselves, and can therefore better relate to the needs and concerns of each prospective student. When meeting with an admissions representative, the best thing to keep in mind is to be yourself! We know that this is easier said than done, so consider these tips when scheduling your admissions interview:

Dress to impress.

There’s no need to bust out the bow tie or borrow mom’s pant suit, but what students in the creative industries learn quickly is that your outfit is your first impression. Wade is a creative college! We are all about expressing ourselves through wardrobe here. And what better way to show us who you are than by a fantastic outfit. It also gives us reps something else unique to remember about you: “Remember that girl with the cute necklace? She was the sweetest!”

Know your goals.

This is especially important when applying to a college as concentration specific as Wade. Come in prepared to discuss your career goals and aspirations. You don’t have to know exactly the career or company for you. But having a clear vision for your future is an immediate indicator in our office of someone who will be a successful student here.

Have questions prepared.

No, this isn’t a job interview! As we begin the admissions process with students, we not only want to get to know you, but allow you to get to know our college. Coming in with questions prepared shows your admissions rep that you have clearly invested your time and given this some true thought. And if you forget about a question you wanted to ask, reach out to us after your meeting! Follow up calls or emails from students are always welcomed and show us that you are not afraid to take initiative.

Above all else, remember that our admissions team at Wade College is here to help YOU. We want to help you to be successful in achieving your goals. So put your best foot forward, be curious, and let us get to know you.

To apply to Wade College, please visit 

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