The Admissions Experience at Wade College

Nearly half of high school students applying to college find the admissions process to be stress inducing.

college just aheadHere at Wade College, our goal is to make every student feel at home, and that starts with admissions! Our team is made up of Wade College graduates (including our entire admissions team) which allows us to better relate to our students. We have been through this process ourselves, and can therefore better relate to the needs and concerns of each prospective student. When meeting with an admissions representative, the best thing to keep in mind is to be yourself! We know that this is easier said than done, so consider these tips when scheduling your admissions interview:

Dress to impress.

There’s no need to bust out the bow tie or borrow mom’s pant suit, but what students in the creative industries learn quickly is that your outfit is your first impression. Wade is a creative college! We are all about expressing ourselves through wardrobe here. And what better way to show us who you are than by a fantastic outfit. It also gives us reps something else unique to remember about you: “Remember that girl with the cute necklace? She was the sweetest!”

Know your goals.

This is especially important when applying to a college as concentration specific as Wade. Come in prepared to discuss your career goals and aspirations. You don’t have to know exactly the career or company for you. But having a clear vision for your future is an immediate indicator in our office of someone who will be a successful student here.

Have questions prepared.

No, this isn’t a job interview! As we begin the admissions process with students, we not only want to get to know you, but allow you to get to know our college. Coming in with questions prepared shows your admissions rep that you have clearly invested your time and given this some true thought. And if you forget about a question you wanted to ask, reach out to us after your meeting! Follow up calls or emails from students are always welcomed and show us that you are not afraid to take initiative.

Above all else, remember that our admissions team at Wade College is here to help YOU. We want to help you to be successful in achieving your goals. So put your best foot forward, be curious, and let us get to know you.

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Gain Experience Through Internships

internMore employers expect college students to have experience for entry-level industry-related positions. Students often ask how they can get experience if they do not have experience yet. Through internships! There are many benefits for students to have an internship or two while in school. Students are able to:

  • Get their foot in the door of the company and the industry.
  • “Test the waters” and learn about a particular part of the industry before committing to a specific career path.
  • Build their network and gain valuable industry contacts. Networking is the number one way to land interviews and eventually jobs.
  • Gain a better understanding of how their coursework applies to their career interests. Also, they can improve their academics because they are able to apply their course knowledge to their internships.
  • Build their confidence about entering the industry.

Internships are a perfect stepping stones to a full-time job in the industry and the launch of their career.  Because internships are for a short-term duration, students can do multiple internships during their time in college. Ultimately, students who have prior internship experiences are more desirable and marketable to prospective Employers.

Wade College students are able to view current internships and other multiple job opportunities on Wade Career Connection, the college’s online student job board.  A sample of available internships include:

  • Fashion design intern for Tinsley Radix, a custom fashion brand of women’s apparel, with their flagship storefront and design studio located nearby Wade College
  • Talent agency intern for On Set Management, an agency representing behind the scenes talent for commercial photo shoots
  • Product development Intern for Arteriors Home, a wholesaler of Lighting, Accessories, & Furniture

The Office of Career Services welcomes students to meet and further discuss internship opportunities, as well as other types of positions.  Students can get assistance with additional job search resources, resume writing, cover letter writing, interviewing, career advice, and more!

Financial Services: Small Institution vs. Large Institution

FAFSAOverwhelmed by the thought of how you will pay for college?  Would you like to know how much financial aid you are eligible for and not sure how to go about it?  One of the many advantages of being a smaller institution is that, at Wade College we make the financial services process as timely and simple as possible.   Most students are able to meet with Financial Services on the same day they meet with their admissions coordinator.  We are able to walk students step-by-step through the FAFSA process, verification process (if applicable), and finally review their Student Financial Plan covering all educational costs and financial aid eligibility.  A large number of prospective students will have a very good idea of their eligibility for financial aid after their first Financial Services meeting.

At larger institutions, this process can be a very time consuming process with long wait times to schedule an appointment, processing times, and automated responses.  We pride ourselves in knowing our students by name and not by student number.  We want to get to know you to be able answer all of your financial questions whether in person, phone or via email.  Often students have comments like, “Wow, this was such a simple process, and I now really understand my financial aid.”

Wade College and the federal and state government offer several financial assistance programs to help students meet educational expenses. Students at Wade College are eligible to apply for financial assistance under the following financial assistance programs:

  • Federal Pell Grant Program
  • William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program (Subsidized and Unsubsidized)
  • Federal Direct Parent Loan Program for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)
  • Federal Direct Consolidation Loans
  • Wade College Institutional Loan Program
  • Veterans Education Act
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Programs
  • Wade College Tuition Rebates
  • External Scholarships

The Wade College Financial Services Department is excited to meet with you to discuss all of your financial options.  Look forward seeing you soon!

What Does ‘All-Inclusive’ Tuition Mean?


artLet’s talk about what all-inclusive tuition means.

All-inclusive tuition means that your money covers more than just the great education you’ll receive from our industry expert professors. It means that your tuition includes the cost of all books and supplies necessary to be successful in your classes here at Wade College. It means no hidden fees, no surprises later. It means you can make an accurate financial plan for your educational investment.

It means that all new students receive an iPad, that they’ll use to access and annotate e-books, keep track of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities, face-time with family and friends, set alerts for impending due dates, find inspiration, create concepts and designs, and maybe even find a few moments to take a perfect college selfie (venti latte, notes, glasses, study-face: check).

All-inclusive tuition means your professors have carefully curated a supply list for each class. If you’re studying Fashion design, you can look forward to receiving a beautiful full set of Tombow dual-brush pens for your illustration courses, a professional designer starter kit, and gift cards of up to $200 values per class to Golden D’Or Fabrics, a local store of over 35,000 square feet full to the brim with fabric choices. Interior design students receive supplies ranging from PrismaColor pens and pencils, to drafting vellum and large-scale plotter print capabilities. If you’re a visual communication student, you’ll receive essential textbooks and tools like Apple Web Developer for app design, and in your studio drawing and design courses, you’ll use supplies ranging from oil pastels and India ink with calligraphy nibs, to water color pencils and plaster of Paris to help you learn a variety of new techniques. Merchandise Marketing & Management students will gain a personaly library of essential industry texts in subjects ranging from branding to social media marketing. And all students in their graduating trimester will receive a sleek onyx portfolio book from Pinazaqngaro to professionally display their achievements to future employers.

Finally, our all-inclusive tuition rate means that you can use your last few before classes to pick out a dynamite first-day outfit, or enjoy some R&R, rather than frantically scrambling through used book store shelves hoping to find the Holy Grail – a barely used, up-to-date edition for a fraction of the price the college textbook store is charging (Hint: you won’t find it). It means you can spend your time preparing yourself for the adventure you’re about to embark upon. It means on day one, you can relax. Bring a spiral notebook, a pen, and a passion to learn about your industry, and we’ve got everything else covered!

A Library for the Creative Industries

009Wade College library specializes in collections that support the programs taught at Wade College:  fashion design, interior design, graphic design, merchandise marketing, merchandise management, and visual communications.  Our collection is focused on our curriculum and provides resources standard college and public libraries do not.

In addition to the print collection of over 8,000 books, the library provides access to an additional 42,600 titles via ebrary, an electronic library that is accessible via  the Internet—on computers or tablets, on and off-campus.  The Wade College library also maintains an extensive periodical collection with over 160 hard-copy titles, many of which are also available online.  Recent additions to the print collection include:  Anatomy of a Trend, Career Opportunities in the Fashion Industry, Materials for Interior Environments, and LogoLounge 9.  Many of the periodicals in the collection are trade publications, meaning that they are only available to those who are working professionals in that career.  Students at Wade College, however, have access to these before they graduate, giving them a headstart!  Titles in the periodical collection include:  WWD (former Women’s Wear Daily), ArtForum, Dallas Business Journal, and California Apparel News.

The Wade College library also maintains subscriptions to numerous electronic research and informational databases.  These include:  LexisNexis Academic, ProQuest Entrepreneurship, WGSN, Encyclopaedia Britannica Academic, (online), and BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine).  Of particular note is WGSN, standing for Worth Global Style Network, this online resource provides information on the latest trends in the fashion and lifestyle industries. This site’s primary focus is on the fashion, design, ap006parel, style, and retail industries, with intersecting developments in consumer behavior, economic conditions, and the environment. WGSN also furnishes career information; interviews with top-level buyers, fashion show information, worldwide events, and four million browsable images. Wade College is proud to be able to provide this and other notable resources to our students.


Tuition Hero

Tuition Hero

Did you know Wade College is a “Tuition Hero”? How do you be a hero, you may ask? As noticed, we keep our annual tuition growth rate at less than 2.5%.
Wade College is more affordable than many other larger universities but with a greater focus on personalized attention – and you get to go straight into your major on day one!
Did you know we offer a fixed tuition rate that won’t change as you complete your degree on time?
Did you know we offer an all-inclusive tuition that won’t put stress on you to afford all of your books, iPad and supplies necessary to complete your coursework?
Did you know that the college offers many scholarship awards that reward students for academic accomplishment and for completing our programs on time?
Come visit us to get a clearer perspective on what makes us so different. Call 214.637.3530 or email to set up a visit.

How important is affordable tuition to you?

Spotlight on Employer: Fossil Group, Inc.

The iconic watch tins. The diverse portfolio of globally-recognized brands. Numerous stores worldwide, wholesale locations, and a robust e-commerce business. These are things that make Fossil Group, Inc. a highly-sought out company to work for. Headquartered locally in Richardson, Texas, this global organization is home to design and distribution of fashion lifestyle and accessory products. Fossil Group, Inc. encompasses the American vintage Fossil brand, Portfolio brands such as Burberry, Diesel, Michael Kors, and Tory Burch, as well as contemporary lifestyle brand Skagen.

More than a dozen of Wade College Merchandising & Design Alumni are contributing their skillset to the growth of Fossil Group Inc. They are gaining exciting industry experiences within various departments of Digital Imaging, Portfolio Product Development, Materials Development, Store & Environmental Design, Fossil Jewelry, Fossil Men’s Leather, and Fossil Women’s Leather. The combination of their Merchandising & Design degrees, positive attitude, professional demeanor, and willingness to embrace opportunities to learn and do new things are some of the skills and traits that many Employers like Fossil Group, Inc. desire.

Wade College Alumni at work

Wade College Grads at Work!

Alumni Spotlight: Shuntae Wordlaw, Interior Design

shuntaeDallas native Shuntae Wordlaw graduated from Wade College with a degree concentration in Interior Design. “I have loved the design industry for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite things to do as a little girl was to sketch floor plans of my imaginary dream home. As I became older, I started sketching furniture to place inside my dream home. Later, I started imagining what colors the walls would be and what the accessories would look like. It was then that I realized that what I envisioned had become bigger than me and that I should pursue a career in interior design.”

Shuntae is the Display Coordinator for Haverty’s Furniture. “I begin my day at work walking the showroom floor to ensure that everything looks presentable for the customers. After the showroom is nice and tidy, the real work begins. I spend my day hanging pictures, changing displays, placing accessories, and making beds. I also offer customers tips and tricks with designing their home. I love that each day is different. There is always a design challenge to be solved.”

For people beginning their careers in this industry, Shuntae recommends, “Keep an open mind. The rules in design are not concrete. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and take a risk. It’s those moments that we create amazing things!”

Alumni Spotlight: Isi Gonzalez, Graphic Design

Wade College Alumni, Graphic Design 2013Meet Isi, Wade College Graphic Design Alumni who works with Digital Imaging for Fossil Group headquartered in Richardson, Texas.

Describe a typical work day:

I coordinate photo studio activities all throughout the process for brands such as Fossil, Burberry, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Armani, DKNY, Diesel, Adidas, Skagen. I create and update visual guides, handle imagery quality control to be the final source of imagery for the company worldwide, production, and retouching support for the team. I maintain close contact with all brands that Fossil Group serves. Also, I have worked on really exciting projects and launches such as the most recent Tory Burch watch launch where I had the chance to see her literally 10 feet away from me!

Why did you choose Wade College?

Wade was the best option as far as the professors’ teaching methods, how well connected the school is to the industry, infinite intern and volunteer opportunities, support from professors and peers to continue working towards your degree, and best of all, the incredible support to be ready for the real world!

How did education at Wade College help prepare you for your career?

From the smallest thing such as be in class on time, to how to carry yourself and be yourself at the same time, the concentration towards building a portfolio, and the support to start in the industry with volunteering, Wade helped me jump start my career.

What advice do you have for students beginning their careers in your profession?

Educate yourself. You’re already in school, but that it’s not enough. Get involved in local industry associations such as DSVC, go to seminars, conferences, volunteer, and enter design contests. Explore your creativity in and out of the classroom. Try and fail, but keep trying. Explore every single branch of your industry before committing to one.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

In general, being where I am with a Bachelor’s in marketing, an Associate’s in graphic design, working on my Master’s, working for Fossil, freelancing, and being part of this awesome industry!

Quote that you live by:

There is so many!!! In general, “My life is constantly under construction, there is always something to improve.” But one of the ones that drive me everyday is: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when know better, do better” by Maya Angelou and “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.”